Weapons of Athas

Standard Weapons

Chaos Out of Order uses the Weapon Materials section on pages 39-40 of Dragon Magazine #319, May 2004, and the Unusal Materials section on page 56 of Dark Sun 3.5, revision 6.

Athasian Specific Weapons

Chaos Out of Order uses Table 5-4 Athasian Weapons and the Weapon Descriptions on pages 50-6 of Dark Sun 3.5, revision 6, with the images on page 41 of Dragon Magazine #319, May 2004.

Also approved are the claw club and crystal sword from pages 54-58 of The Quintessential Elf, allowing them to be made by Athasian Elves rather than Wild Elves and Grey Elves as indicated.

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Weapons of Athas

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