Psionics of Athas

Psionics have always played a major part in the Dark Sun campaign setting. For Chaos Out of Order expect to encounter psionics most commonly, divine magic less commonly, and arcane magic least commonly.

Psionics are integral to the world of Athas. In Races of Athas all player character races have either an inborn power or are naturally psionic. Classes of Athas demonstrates that psionic classes are common classes. A wide array of psionic feats are available as per Feats of Athas.

For Chaos Out of Order the “Magic and Psionics are Mostly Different” rules on page 44 of Dragon Magazine #319, May 2004, will be used.

The psionic power lists are as follows:

For a discussion of the role of psionics on Athas, see the Psionics on Athas forum thread.

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Psionics of Athas

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