Half Giant Alignment Enhanced

Half-Giant Alignment, Enhanced [General, Racial]

You are a half-giant with a fixed alignment in regards to order and variable alignment in regards to morality. When your alignment changes so too does your ability to channel positive and negative energy.

Prerequisites: Half-giant, variable alignment in regards to morality, ability to Turn or Rebuke Undead and/or ability to Spontaneously Cast cure or inflict spells

Benefit: Every morning a half-giant’s alignment may change based upon recent events. When the half-giant’s alignment does change so too may their ability to channel positive or negative energy. The day of their alignment change if their ability to channel positive or negative energy does change the half-giant may not use either energy type while their aura reattunes to the new energy type. The following day they may use their newly changed channeling abilities.

Normal: Once a character has made the choice to channel positive or negative energy it cannot be reversed. This could cause a half-giant who’s alignment has changed to incure a gross violation of their code of conduct when using a channel ability at odds to their new alignment.

Special: When changing from lawful or evil alignment to neutral alignment the player may choose whether to maintain their existing channeling ability or change to the opposing channeling ability. A half-giant may not change from neutral alignment to neutral alignment to change their channeling ability without changing their alignment.

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Half Giant Alignment Enhanced

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