Athasian Rangers

Rangers of both types (with1 or without2 access to Favored Terrain) gain their spells from a Spirit of the Land, just as druids in Chaos Out of Order. The original Dark Sun Boxed Set3 never made it clear where rangers received their spells (other than the obvious: not from dieties). Dragon Magazine #319, May 20042, is similarly unhelpful in this regard. Dark Sun 3.5, revision 61, claims that rangers get their spells from minor nature spirits, but in a campaign setting without gods animism doesn’t seem appropriate either.

1 Dark Sun 3.5, revision 6, pp. 34-36

2 Dragon Magazine #319, May 2004, p.36

3 Dark Sun Boxed Set, Dark Sun Rules Book pp. 25-26

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Athasian Rangers

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