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Fri Oct 14, 2005 5:53 am
Character Generation: Skills of Athas
For Chaos Out of Order I have decided to allow both the Dragon Magazine Issue #319 and The Burnt World of Athas Dark Sun campaign setting skills. This effects Bluff (The Burnt World of Athas arcane spellcasters), Craft: Alchemy (reserved for The Burnt World of Athas Bards), Knowledge: Ancient History (filled with half-truths and lies as much as facts of The Burnt World of Athas), Knowledge: Warcraft (The Burnt World of Athas new skill), Literacy (The Burnt World of Athas new skill), Sleight of Hand (Dragon Magazine #319 arcane spellcasters), Speak Language (dialects and uncommon Athasian languages in Dragon Magazine Issue #319 and the split between Literacy and Speak Language in The Burnt World of Athas), and Swim (both sources agree to make it a cross class skill for all classes except Clerics of Water).

Literacy suffers a slight change from the rules in order to better fit my vision of Dark Sun. 300 years after the freedom of Tyr from its dragon king, Literacy is not the outlawed skill it once was. All characters still start without the ability to read or write, and must take ranks in Literacy in order to read anything. Literacy is most common among the citizens of Tyr, a small but growing portion of the merchant houses and nobility across the Tablelands, and most especially among the scholar-slaves of Nibenay.

So that is the basics behind your skill options for Chaos Out of Order. Any questions or comments?
Thu Nov 02, 2006 12:57 am
New Skill: Research
With the introduction of the Free Library of Tyr to the campaign, it is time I reveal the new skill, Research . Research is a skill from d20 Modern , but has been used in D&D before in a more detailed presentation in the Player’s Guide to Arcanis .
Research is a class skill for Aristrocrats and Wives of Nibenay .
Synergy: Obviously Computer Use is not a Dark Sun skill, so obviously it cannot grant a synergy bonus to Research checks.

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Skills of Athas forum thread

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