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Sat Oct 15, 2005 12:22 am
Character Generation: Feats of Athas
For Chaos Out of Order I have decided to allow feats from the Players Handbook , Monster Manual , Expanded Psionics Handbook , Savage Species , and The Burnt World of Athas Dark Sun campaign setting. If players want a feat outside of these, it will require my approval. For instance, the Extra Unique Power feat from Dragon Magazine Issue #319 was first developed within the ranks of The Order, in much the same way as the Elan race was. Any such approved feats will be posted in this thread.

Three feats do require special notes:
Efficient Raze, The Burnt World of Athas page 46, needs to be brought into line with Dragon Magazine Issue #315 . Replace the Benefit paragraph with the following: “Benefit: Treat the terrain you gather energy in as one category better when you defile. E.g. a spell cast in barren terrain (defiles a radius of 30’ x # of defiler points) is treated as if cast in infertile terrain (defiles a radius of 20’ x # of defiler points). In lush terrain the radius of defilement is .5’ x # of defiler points.”
Hidden Talent, The Burnt World of Athas page 46 and the Expanded Psionics Handbook page 67, is offered as an expanded version of the Wild Talent feat for use in high-psionic campaigns such as Dark Sun. It requires DM permission, which I give.
Wild Talent, The Burnt World of Athas page 48 and the Expanded Psionics Handbook page 52, offers less than Hidden Talent which is also available to you, so I wouldn’t suggest taking it.
I also created a new regional feat:
Free Speech [General]
You are a citizen of Tyr, a city-state ruled by a council of nobles and preservers. When the council was founded three centuries ago they legalized literacy for the populace.
Region: Tyr
Benefit: Speak Language and Literacy are class skills. In addition, Uncommon Athasian Languages only cost two skill points each.
So that is the basics behind your feat options for Chaos Out of Order. Any questions or comments?

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Feats of Athas forum thread

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