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Sun Oct 16, 2005 6:22 am
Character Generation: Character Concepts of Athas
For Chaos Out of Order I have decided to allow character concepts, an idea for d20 from Mongoose Publishing . If players want a character concept, it will require my approval. For instance, the Obsessive character concept from The Quintessential Psion would be fine, but neither half-elves nor muls would make sense for the Miracle character concept from Ultimate Character Concepts . Any such approved character concepts will be posted in this thread. Thus far I have approved Apprentice from page 13 of Ultimate Character Concepts.

KittyMcD and I also created a new character concept (which I also obviously approved):
Pack Rat (Rouge)
Merchant houses are filled with the greedy. However, while others content themselves with amassing wealth, power, and/or prestige, the pack rat collects items and information which she thinks will be of use to herself and her companions at some future point down the road. Years of training have prepared her to plan for the worst and hope for the best.
Adventuring: A surprising number of merchants enter the adventuring life by accident or in the hopes of quicker rewards. Regardless of reason, adventuring provides the pack rat with a means to pick up things which will no doubt be useful later down the road. Even if at the time the rest of her companions can’t imagine what it’s use could be, the pack rat has already envisioned at least a dozen potential senarios where it could be of use.
Roleplaying: The pack rat’s motto is “Always be prepared.” As such, her pack is always stuffed with more than she needs at the moment. Somewhere among her belongings is something she needs right now and dozens of other things which will be of use at some future point in time. When the need is dire, she can usually be trusted to turn up something of use. That’s why they put up with her steady attention to restocking her gear when the opportunity presents itself.
Benefit: The pack rat has the chance to dig up from her belongings any one reasonable item per game session. The DM determines what constitutes a reasonable item (i.e. no artifacts). The pack rat will Search her belongings as per the following chart:
Very Common, DC 0
Common, DC 5
Uncommon, DC 10
Rare, DC 15
Very Rare, DC 20
Penalties: Because of the pack rat’s desire to always be prepared, she is willing to pay a little extra and buy something now rather than risk not getting it at all by shopping around for a better price. Everytime the pack rat succeeds in a Search of her gear for an item she wants, she must immediately deduct 110% of the item’s retail cost from her funds or still fail to find the item.
So that is the basics behind your character concept options for Chaos Out of Order. Any questions or comments?

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Character Concepts of Athas forum thread

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