Chaos Out of Order

Session Three

Chapter One: Dead Minds Think Alike

As the survivors finished a nearly inedible breakfast, Content Not Found: Laalarash_ came out from the well tower, freshly bathed. He attempted to boost the morale of everyone, but was quickly angered when he found out that _Content Not Found: Gorgoreth had sent Chiki’tiklatl, GaliLena, and Raele outside the berm of the outpost. He stormed off to confront Gorgoreth, followed surreptitiously by Methystina. Raele left to brood outside the outpost, but deciding against being shot, optted instead for the central western warehouse.

While Raele brooded about his failure to provide an edible breakfast, Chiki’tiklatl and GaliLena searched through her belongings until she found the potion of remove disease she knew she had stashed somewhere. With the zombie plague removed from Chiki’tiklatl, the two turned their attention to the increasingly aggitated Content Not Found: Alie-Aka_. The elf was offering outlandish bargins in an attempt to return to his tribe,order/npc-tracker/Swiftwing none of which were worthy of accepting.

Eventually, Methystina returned and reported her findings to GaliLena. Raele returned from brooding as well, just in time to hear the news that the elves were once again laying seige around the camp. This news spurred Alie-Aka to try a desparate run up the berm to freedom, which was foiled by Chiki’tiklatl, GaliLena, and Raele, none of whom wanted to see their prisoner shot down by the other outpost guards.

Alie-Aka was tied up in the hospital tent before dusk, that way all able bodied defenders could repel the next attack. And attack the elves did, with the same abandon as before—only this time the defenders took no further prisoners!

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