Chaos Out of Order

Session Six

Chapter One: Dead Minds Think Alike

As the night air cooled off, Methystina entered the Red Tower via one of the arrowslits. She found a room heavy in humidity and dimmly lit from a central fireplace. At each of the arrowslits was a series of Content Not Found: redleaf. She went up the central spiral stair to the next floor, where a similar room without arrowslits contained desicated versions of the same plant. A central fireplace seemed to contain the same pilar of fire.

After that, GaliLena sent Methystina to find the top of the building. As Methystina traveled up the stairwell, she discovered that the central fireplace was on each landing. 105’ from the ground she stopped at a trapdoor. Unable to lift it, she explored the room underneath it. Besides the spiral stair and accompanying fireplace, the room was covered in a thick layer of untouched dust. Beneath the dust rested a humanoid skeleton with its hand reached out toward a stone and wood chest with a metal lock.

Meanwhile, Raele decided to attempt to reenter the tower through the front doors. Chiki’tiklatl, GaliLena, and Raele were then telepathically questioned as to their buisness with the Red Tower. As Raele had already been rejected and GaliLena was already capable of sleep, the voice in their heads said that only Chiki’tiklatl would be admitted to the tower.

An elf opened the door and admitted Chiki’tiklatl. GaliLena was able to convince the door guard to allow her to stand beside him in the doorway to watch her friend. Eventually, the master of the Red Tower came down the stairs to speak with the kreen. He failed to deny sending the elven zombies (even implying his guilt) and was immediately lept upon. As the three fought the human and elven guard, Methystina rushed down the stairs to join them.

The master of the tower displayed several psionic powers in the combat, so Chiki’tiklatl began to choke him (and thus himself). A small crystaline entity also joined in the combat to assist the human, before wising up and arousing the elves curled up on the floor. When Content Not Found: Coraanu had been aroused, he asked both sides to quit fighting to no avail. Coraanu and the other elves claimed to have been able to go to sleep and dreamed of being killed by a dragon, although each elf described a different death.

Methystina found that the floor below the one she originally entered appeared to be set up to dry, shred, and bag the leaves of the plants that were growing above. GaliLena was able to convince Coraanu to go upstairs and check that floor out. She followed, leaving the human to the kreen and Raele to fight his fellow elves. When she reached the third floor, she rang the large gong. Besides the vibrations which were felt by everyone in the tower, the column of fire briefly grew brighter on each floor every time she struck the gong.

Eventually, the human burst into dozens of flitting tounges of flame, failing to even leave a cloud of ash behind. At the same time, the crystaline entity dropped to the ground, apparently inert. Raele eventually dispatched the last of the tower’s elves, finally allowing the band to rest.

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