Chaos Out of Order

Session Seven

Chapter One: Dead Minds Think Alike

After healing up, Chiki’tiklatl burried the crystaline entity deep in the ground while Raele burned up the elven dead in the first floor fireplace. GaliLena continued to test the gong’s interaction with the central fireplace, while Content Not Found: Coraanu_ gathered a few bags of _Content Not Found: redleaf. Eventually, they all gathered together to explore the tower.

Up on the top floor, Raele failed to pick the lock of the skeleton’s chest. So Chiki’tiklatl opened it using brute force. Inside there was Content Not Found: touchstones woven with leather strips into a leather backing. No one could decypher the characters, so GaliLena took it with her.

They then traveled down the tower exploring each level. They found that the upper levels appeared dusty, while the lower levels looked cleaned up. They found shelves of skulls, desks with books and scrolls (several of note which GaliLena took with her), straw bedding, as well as everything which had already been explored. Eventually they had all of the loot they wanted.

Chiki’tiklatl barred everyone outside. He then took the various lengths of rope from the tower and tied them to one of the crenulations to let himself out. They then made for the Swiftwing camp, where Coraanu once again made an appointment for them with the council of elders.

The council was pleased to hear of the demise of the Master of the Red Tower and the securing of the red leaf production facilities. In fact, they sent runners to the other two tribes to halt their attacks on the Klethira outpost and await further redleaf from the Swiftwing tribe. They hoped to get the other two larger tribes to become separate clans within the Swiftwing tribe through control of the Red Tower’s red leaf facilities.

After the meeting, GaliLena slept and Coraanu rested while the others tracked down the elder cleric of rain. He admitted that there were some on the council opposed to using the red leaf against the other tribes. Once everyone was rested, they set off for the outpost.

On the way, they stopped in the observation camp of the war subchief. No one was on watch, and everyone was heavily into their search for knowledge and understanding since being told to stop their attacks. The travelers found Content Not Found: Alie-Aka smoking a cactus cob pipe where Raele gave him a bag of redleaf for his troubles. Coraanu was moved by this display of apathy in his people, and begged to be left behind to help them off of the redleaf as best he could. So the three left without him.

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