Chaos Out of Order

Session Five

Chapter One: Dead Minds Think Alike

Disappointed that the group was ready to go without availing themselves of the provisions offered by the chieftan, the elven guide prompted them to think about it some more. GaliLena suggested that blankets would be good, so he used the excuse to sneak the group into the trade goods tent for looting. While Raele offered an excellent distraction by obtaining twelve braclets and an iron shoe for trade purposes, the guide was able to obtain a few choice items himself. Despite the group’s familiarity with merchant caravans, they refrained from actually going to the practical goods stores and left without the blankets when GaliLena became frustrated with the two elves.

As the Maenad was the only slow member of the party, she crawled atop Chiki’tiklatl‘s back as they made for the Red Tower. Several hours into their journey they found themselves being tracked by a reptilian foe in chitin armour armed with a soulknife and wooden shield. The lone foe spoke in an unintelligible toungue, but the language of violence was easily understood when Raele was handily taken down. When the foe was itself downed, Chiki’tiklatl did a coup de grace and left the meat to the tender mercies of the desert. He then pried some crystals off of the chitin for GaliLena before burrying it. The matching crystal-embedded shield was taken with them as they continued toward the Red Tower.

At sunset the party neared the tower. The two elves did a reconnaisance, finding one elf guarding the front door and three elves painting the rear wall. On their way back to the others, the elven guide, who introduced himself to Raele as Content Not Found: Coraanu, made too much noise. The two were found by the three painters, but managed to pass themselves off as folk interested in joining forces with the master of the Red Tower thanks to some fast talking and Raele’s stash of redleaf. The elven painters told them of their master’s ability to bring them sleep — something previously thought physically impossible among elves and kreen alike!

Eventually a gong summoned the elves inside, with Methystina sneaking in with them. Coraanu and Raele presented themselves to a short, pasty white, pudgy human who claimed to want to help the inferior sleepless races. He placed his hand upon Coraanu’s head. After half a minute Coraanu collapsed unconscience. Then the human placed his hand upon Raele’s head, but the human then claimed that Raele was unfit and had the other elves toss him out into the desert night. Methystina followed Raele, leaving Coraanu alone as the door was barred from the inside. Chiki’tiklatl and GaliLena caught up to Raele, and the three explored the exterior of the tower as best as they could in the dark.

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