Chaos Out of Order

Session Eight

Chapter One: Dead Minds Think Alike

Once the berm of the outpost was in view, the travelers saw humanoid figures on the lookout. They sent Methystina into the outpost, where she reported that well armoured female maenads were posted every thirty feet atop the berm. She snuck in, and found Content Not Found: Gorgoreth_ talking with a maenad commander in his tent. Evesdropping, she heard that the maenads were happy with the change in _Content Not Found: Haalak since Gorgoreth talked with him. Evetually she left, and Methystina entered.

Gorgoreth seemed surprised that Methystina could already talk, and was happy to hear that the mission was completed. He mentioned that the elves did not attack from the north that dawn, which seemed to back up her claims. He then answered her questions, most of which were communicated to her from GaliLena. They discovered that the outpost was now under the control of House Stel, whom had supplied the maenad mercenaries.

Shocked and unable to believe this betrayal, they were astounded even more with news that Content Not Found: Laalarash_ was no longer a concern, that _Content Not Found: Amanya had escaped due to a previouslky unknown potionfruit of flying, and that the rest of the outpost except Haalak and Gorgoreth had been elimated! He further promised that if they came in with the proper password, they could still work for the outpost, but if not they were free to go.

Disappointed, Methystina left. Once Raele had completed his trance, he heard of the conversation and decided that he should sneak in and hire Haalak. Despite the warnings of his friends, he snuck in and found Haalak alone in the Hospital Tent. Haalak was willing to burn down the Red Tower, but didn’t want to abandon his post as the only healer in the outpost while elves were still attacking. Once the elves quit attacking, and with Gorgoreth’s permission, he said he would be willing. So Raele walked across the compound to talk to Gorgoreth.

Unfortunately, the maenads in the mess tent saw him and called him out. When he failed to correctly pronounce the password, they chased him into Gorgoreth’s Tent. There he begged Gorgoreth to call off the maenads. Gorgoreth told him to use the password, so he tried to use Gorgoreth as a hostage. When he proved too slippery for Raele, Raele chose to flee the outpost as arrows flew from all directions. Once he returned to his friends, they discussed finding the Klethira army and warning them of the Stel takeover.

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