Chaos Out of Order

Campaign Welcome

Player Character Introduction

Welcome to Chaos Out of Order, a Dark Sun 3.5 campaign.

Our heroes first gathered at a secret House Klethira outpost in the stony barrens between Urik, Tyr, and the Ringing Mountains.

Our cast of heroes includes:

bq. A lean young adult male thri’ kreen of average height. He is the only thri’kreen stationed at the outpost. Unlike most thri’kreen, Chiki’tiklatl hordes more material goods than he can carry.

bq. A tall and muscular young adult female maenad. She is the only known maenad currently in the immediate region.

bq. GaliLena’s amethyst psicrystal.

bq. A tall and thin elf nearing adulthood. He is the only elf in the House Klethira caravan which is currently passing through the outpost.

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